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Park Kiseok

C. H. Park

President and CEO

Choong Heum Park was elected President and CEO of Samsung Engineering in September of 2013. Park first joined Samsung Heavy Industries in 1985, where he was promoted from engineer to Vice President (VP) of the Basic Design Department. In 2000, Park became a VP of their Offshore Sales Department. Drawing on his experience working with international clients, Park was made the Executive Vice President (EVP) of the London Office, where he worked from 2003 to 2005. Then, in 2012, he was promoted to Senior Executive Vice President (SEVP) and made the Shipyard General Manager. Recognized for his managerial skills and extensive industry experience, Park was then hired by Samsung Engineering to be CEO in mid-2013.

Myeongsoo Kim

Myeongsoo Kim

Senior Executive Vice President and Head of Corporate Management

In 2014, Myeongsoo Kim was chosen to lead the Corporate Management of Samsung Engineering. He first joined Samsung Electronics in 1984 and continued his career until 2010, serving as VP of several corporate management division. Then he moved to Samsung Group and served as the Head of the Corporate Strategy Team from 2010 to 2014. With his profound business insight and business planning experiences, he was appointed as the Head of Corporate Management at Samsung Engineering in 2014.

Sungan Choi

Sungan Choi

Senior Executive Vice President and Head of Hydrocarbon Business Division

In 2014, Sungan Choi was appointed as the Head of Hydrocarbon Business Division for Samsung Engineering. He has been with Samsung group since 1989 and held strong leadership positions in project management for hydrocarbon plants projects, including 6 years in the shipbuilding industry. In 2012, he became the Head of Procurement Division and was responsible for procurement services and supplier's quality control. Recognizing his experience and great business performance in the EPC business over 32 years, he was named as the Head of Hydrocarbon Business Division.