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Meet Our People

  • Jeongmin Ko

    Jeongmin Ko

    Electronic Engineer

  • Kyoungtae Oh

    Kyoungtae Oh

    Construction Engineer

  • Gerald Branigan

    Gerald Branigan

    Marketing Manager

  • Manuel Hidalgo

    Manuel Hidalgo

    IT Planning Assistant Manager

Jeongmin Ko

Electronic Engineer

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  • Q1

    What is your role at Samsung Engineering?

    I’m in charge of electrical construction in the Shaybah Package #3 Project. I install a variety of electrical equipment needed for the plant and the wiring that connects the units of equipment with each other so that they can be vitalized and interact.

  • Q2

    What has been your most rewarding experience working at Samsung Engineering?

    When I first came here, this place was nothing but a desert. But time and our relentless effort are turning it into a magnificent plant. I am so proud to be here, knowing that the Shaybah Project has drawn great attention around the world with its size and location, in the middle of the desert.

  • Q3

    Why is Samsung Engineering a good place to work?

    I came to the site on the SEED program. The program is the last stage of the training course for new recruits like me. It provides us with a chance to experience a site for a year, which is not a short time, even for a project. And that time has taught me valuable lessons I can never learn in the office. I am confident that I can handle any tasks because I have grown up from a new recruit to an engineer.