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HSE Management

Samsung Engineering's top priority is to bring safety to our employees, clients, suppliers, and stakeholders, and executes projects with systematic strategies. We are making every effort to raise employee safety awareness to establish a safe workplace.

Health & Safety Management System

OH&S(Occupational Health & Safety) management system is to provide safe and healthy workplaces, prevent work-related injury and ill health, and continually improve its OH&S performance.
In 2005, we first achieved the OHSAS 18001 certification, a private standard for OH&S management system. It has been converted and maintained to ISO 45001 standard established by the ISO(International Organization for Standardization) in 2020.

Hse Policy

HSE Policy


Hse Policy


Samsung Engineering strives to ensure improved health and safety for everyone through the health & safety management system following four steps.




Safety audits are conducted regularly to improve and standardize safety performance at every site, in every country we work in. Through this audit process, health and safety performance is quantified and then circulated throughout the company as "Best Practices and Lessons Learned Case Studies."

Advanced Incident Management System

We adopted an advanced incident analysis system to prevent incidents to conduct integrated management of safety statistics. In addition, the organization dedicated to incident management regularly collects and analyzes incidents and near miss cases occurring at the project sites in Korea and overseas and, in accordance with the results, establishes incident prevention measures and conducts a variety of company-level safety training and campaigns.


The company strives to improve the health and safety performance of all project sites and offices. Routine assessments and training sessions are conducted to guarantee that our employees and subcontractors are safe and healthy.

Safety-Corrective Action Request (S-CAR) is a system used to create a database of HSE issues. Drawing on that database, construction managers can quickly address and resolve safety issues on the jobsite.



The operation of the Daily S-Cycle helps the company practice responsible safety management. Assigning HSE R&R for each member of a project enables improving the quality of the site safety management.

Toolbox / Pre-Work Inspection / New Recruit Training / Morning Patrol / Daily Safety Manager Meeting Lunchtime Inspection / Aftermoon Patrol / Daily Safety Progress Meeting / Cleanup Inspection / TBM(before nighttime work) Nighttime Work


Samsung Engineering developed 10 Safety Golden Rules based on the Zero Tolerance principle. Through the rules, Samsung Engineering prevents incidents in advance and creates the culture to help the employees proactively engage in safety management and voluntarily lead the culture aiming at preventing an incident.

10 safety rules


In order to improve safety awareness, Samsung Engineering provides health & safety training to all employees and subcontractors.

Training Programs - Programs, Contents
Programs Description
Experiential Safety Training
  • All employees should participate in Experiential Safety Training by applying VR, Videos & 3D down scale model based on accident cases on-site, at the state of the art HSE Training center.
Dispatch Training
  • Online / offline classes on health & safety policies for employees before their dispatch to the jobsite
Emergency Response Training
  • Instruction on how to identify health & safety risks and build contingency plans
‘Safety Talk’
  • All employees form small groups every morning to discuss a certain topic about safety or environment protection of their choice



Samsung Engineering has contracted with a third-party HSE assurance firm to audit and verify our health and safety management system. This verification process reinforces the effectiveness and reliability of Samsung Engineering’s health and safety management system.


Samsung Engineering's Health & Safety Management system aims to outperform regulatory standards at all project sites around the world.