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Samsung Engineering is committed to building the future in an environmentally sustainable and socially responsible way, but the goal of sustainability is about more than just energy efficiency and lowered CO2 emissions. It is also about practicing and encouraging responsible corporate citizenship both domestically and abroad.

Social Responsibility
In the spirit of this principle, Samsung Engineering takes a much broader view of sustainable business practices, one that includes clients, employees, suppliers, investors, local communities, future generations, NGOs, and governments. With this broader view of our social responsibility, Samsung Engineering has established a series of programs and departments designed to support all facets of our sustainability goal.


Samsung Engineering is dedicated to provide respect for people, environment-friendly activities and shared growth with stakeholders in order to create a better tomorrow. We are focusing on identifying and responding to sustainability issues based on principles and directions for sustainability management that reflect the characteristics of our business. The categories for sustainability issues include corporate governance, ethics & compliance, environment, health & safety, employees & workplace, supply chain, and local community. The efforts have been recognized by a range of external & independent organizations and our stakeholders.

    Responsible Growth
  • Corporate
  • Ethics &
    Respect for People and
    the Environment
  • Environment
    Health & Safety
  • Employees &
    Reliable Partnership
  • Supply Chain
  • Local
      Samsung Engineering has been listed on the the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI), a global sustainability management benchmark.
      · Construction & Engineering Sector
         - DJSI Asia Pacific (2013-2021)
         - DJSI Korea (2011-2021)
        Samsung Engineering has participated in the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) evaluation by the Korea Corporate Governance Service since 2012.
        · 2021 ESG Total Rating A (Environment A, Social A+, Governance A)
        · 2020 ESG Total Rating A (Environment A, Social A+, Governance A)
        · 2019 ESG Total Rating A (Environment A, Social A+, Governance A)
          Since 2009, Samsung Engineering has participated in the CDP Climate Change, which encourages major corporations to disclose climate change data.
          · CDP Climate Change – Carbon Management Honors Club, Leadership A- (2014, 2018) Leadership A (2015~2017, 2019)
          · Carbon Management Top Company, Industrial Sector (2009~2010, 2013~2020)


        Responsible growth is impossible without corporate culture that promotes transparent, honest business practices and ethical approaches to industrial EPC management. Since 2012, Samsung Engineering has released annual sustainability management reports in order to gain actionable feedback directly from all of our corporate stakeholders, from clients to investors to vendors and suppliers. Regardless of the type of plant or the region in which it is being built, Samsung Engineering not only complies with but exceeds international and domestic regulations as well as client-specific CSR policies.

        2022 Sustainability Report

        2022 2022 PDF download

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